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This page records websites talking about my works.

Monetary rule, central bank loss and household’s welfare: an empirical investigation in, Nov. 2017 [link].

Nominal income versus Taylor-type rules in practice in, Oct. 2016 [link]. Also in E-Axes’ newsletter “The future of monetary policy rules” (13/12/2016).

NGDP Advisers in, Sep. 2016 [link].

Money and DSGE models – a few good papers in, Oct. 2013 [link].

マネーとDSGEモデル (DSGE models with money) in 計量経済学と金融工学の勉強 (Study of financial engineering and econometrics), Oct. 2013 [link].

Is money a factor of production ? in Economic Logic, Mar. 2013 [link].


Citations, blogs and WiKiPedia mentions through RePec [link].

The Market Monetarist [link].

Biography included in Marquis Who’s Who since 2013.

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